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Glitter tattoos / Glitter body art

www.manai.co.uk (these are the products we use)

Price is for a 2 hour party and includes 10 medium size glitter tattoos.

Additional tattoos start at: Small £1, Medium £2, Large from £3 - £15 depending on the size and colours.


  • Glitter can be used for body decorations, nail effects and even as fairy dust.
  • Glitter is manmade from polyester which has been cut extra fine to make into powders and must be body grade quality.
  • Glitter glue is needed to apply the glitter. The glue must be body grade quality. The best glue is one which contains no latex and is non toxic. This glue is similiar to that used in plasters!
  • Glitter patterns can be made by using one stencil or a combination of stencils.

Good Tips

  • Glitter stencils are not re-usable over and over again. So if you have 5 kids wanting a tattoo you will need 5 stencils.
  • Glitter designs are waterproof once dry so can last for 5+ days even after showering.
  • Glitter designs can be taken off anytime with a babywipe, olive oil, or a good scrub with soap and water. For INSTANT REMOVAL USE MYWIPE tattoo remover.
  • Glitter designs are not done on children under the age of 3 or on anyone with sensitive skin.
  • Tattoos are not to be applied on the face or near the eyes.


  • Cosmetic Grade Glitter - precision cut particles (hexagonal particles), Acrylates Copolymer, aluminium, approved pigments and food grade dye.
  • Glitter Glue- aqueous adhesive - does not contain latex

All the products conform with EC health and safety directive 2001/95/EC and have Material Safety Data Sheet available on request.

Glitter Glue is also registered with the FDA (USA Food and Drug Agency).



Price: £40
Suitable for: Adults & Children