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Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions of hire also include the safety rules and regulations for all hire items, so it is always advisable to make sure these have been read and understood before placing your order.

We operate a completely open and transparent business and comply with all health and safety regulations as well as insurance requirements and as such would encourage you strongly to understand your rights and responsibilities with regards to the law and insurance as it is not always straight forward.

These terms and conditions are fairly main stream for the industry but are not always spelt out leaving you open to responsibilities you (as the hirer) were not aware of.

For example (but not limited to) the fact that we have public liability insurance which insures our (Fun4Kidz) legal liability but not yours. We can only be held responsible for events and occurrences that we can control or have responsibility for.

This applies to all companies that hire out equipment.

An example of this would be if we set up a bouncy castle in a garden on a dry hire (dry hire means that we do not stay with the hired castle) and a child or other person pulls out the lead from the blower causing the castle to deflate and another child injures themselves leaving the deflating castle in a hurry. You (the hirer) would be liable for this injury as you would have agreed to supervise the castle at all times whilst in you care.

Another example would be if you (the hirer) decided to move the inflatable (or other hired equipment) after our staff had left your premises and did not (or were not able to) put some of the pegs / stakes into the ground properly causing either a trip hazard or damage to the hired equipment. This again would leave you (the hirer) liable.

To most people these examples seem like common sense but as a business that benefits greatly from referrals we like to make sure that we all know what we are responsible for.

We hope your event is extremely successful and that we get the opportunity to help you with many more in the future.

The Fun4Kidz Team